Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uploading to Vimeo

Just a reminder about your rough cut:

Be sure to see the previous email about Vimeo, and sign up / "contact add" me.

*** I want you to upload your rough cut by Friday MORNING EARLY so we can watch it in class. We will meet in our regular room as the lab is unavailable. ***
NOTE: Vimeo can take an hour or two to process your video when you upload it before it is ready to view. Keep this in mind!

To prepare your movie to upload to Vimeo, you need to use the "Share" tab in iMovie.

do this:


A dialog box will pop up. Make sure you are saving your movie to your portable hard drive. iMovie often defaults to the main drive.

Click on OPTIONS

Compression will read "H.264" which is what you want for uploading to Vimeo

Dimensions should read "1280x768" (or smaller in any 16:9 ratio). You can change this by clicking on SIZE in the options dialog box.

Your file will need to be smaller than 500 MB when it is processed, because you cannot upload a file larger than 500 MB for free.

If it ends up being larger than 500 MB, you will have to process it to Quicktime again, only at a lower resolution (Try NTSC 720 x 480).

Follow the instructions on Vimeo to upload this movie file. It is no more difficult than uploading something to Facebook.

Email me the link to your movie when it is done uploading.

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