Monday, March 8, 2010

Formatting your hard drive


If you do not have your portable hard drive by now, go out today and buy one. You will quickly discover that there are no temporary solutions to storing and sharing your files. Hilary and Shelly recorded 28 minutes of video last Friday. Once converted to the Quicktime .mov format, the files were 19GB total. So you get the idea - you need a portable hard drive to store all of the data. It is likely that you will use 100GB of space for your files, let alone when you start producing your project.

Before you can use your hard drive on the Mac, you really need to reformat it for best results. REFORMATTING WILL ERASE ALL DATA ON THE DRIVE. If you bought a drive and plugged it in and it worked, it is still in a format that is not useful for our large video files. You will want to reformat it as a MEDIA DRIVE using these directions linked here.

If you do not have a Mac, this operation can be done on any Mac in the library running OSX. I encourage you to use the newest machine you can find.

The hard drive is also important because I will need to offload all of your files into the History Department's archive at the end of the semester.

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